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Biotoc Brightening + Gua Sha Lifting

Fade Age Spots and Acne Scars, Lift and Tighten Sagging Skin, Smooth Deep Acne Scars and Wrinkles

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 399 US dollars

Service Description

Makeup Removal + Foam Cleansing + Organic Cucumber & Chamomile Soothing Toner + Numbing Cream & Intensive Gua Sha Massage + Biotoc™ Brightening & Wrinkle Smoothing Therapy + High Frequency (HF) Therapy + Brightening & Anti-Wrinkle + Soothing Cooling Gel + Cryo Collagen Therapy + Brightening & Soothing Sheet Mask Fade Age Spots and Acne Scars, Lift and Tighten Sagging Skin, Smooth Deep Acne Scars and Wrinkles, Slim the Face This powerfully brightening facial works at two levels to help fade stubborn dark spots (liver spots, age spots, sun spots) and “boxcar / crater” indented acne scars while smoothing skin texture and restoring elasticity. While at-home daily gua sha rituals are great for everyone to do at home, Jin uses a much more intensive professionals-only technique with a gua sha stone. To make this facial painless and comfortable, Jin applies professional numbing cream on the face, the same used before microneedling facials. Intensive Gua Sha therapy works better than invasive treatments to rejuvenate the face from deep wrinkles because it helps relieve the deep tense muscle fascia that are causing wrinkles to form. Intensive Gua Sha therapy also helps dramatically fade stubborn dark spots, whether they are age spots, sun spots, or acne scars. Slow blood flow and built up toxins in stagnant blood is a core reason behind dark spots not fading for weeks. Intensive Gua Sha helps clear clogged/stagnant blood and lymph circulation, which releases stored toxins. Your skin will look brighter, healthier, and more youthful as Intensive Gua Sha detoxifies the skin and boosts blood flow to nourish the skin. Second, to treat the outer layer of the skin, Jin applies Biotoc™, South Korea’s advanced brightening and wrinkle smoothing professional skin care therapy. Biotoc™ is clinically-proven to help stimulate collagen growth and the skin’s natural healing process to fade age spots (aka liver spots or sun spots), brighten and smooth indented acne scars, restore radiance, tighten sagging skin, smooth fine lines and stubborn wrinkles. 3 Days Downtime After this facial, your face will appear bruised but these marks are not bruises. The red marks will completely fade and result from releasing the tension and removing the old, non-circulating blood and metabolic wastes. Keep your body and your skin extra hydrated, do not exfoliate or apply makeup, and keep your face away from direct sun exposure for the next 3 days.

Cancellation Policy

Jin accepts cash, credit cards, amex, Venmo, and Apple pay. If you need to cancel your appointment, a 24 hour notice via text is required. Jin has the right to refuse service to those who have canceled multiple appointments.

Contact Details

  • 3000 West 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA, USA

    (213) 570-4002

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