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Acne Care +Biotoc Brightening

Clear Acne, Control Oil, Shrink Pores, Brighten Acne Scars, Smooth Skin Texture and Fine Lines, Lift

  • 1 hour 20 minutes
  • 269 US dollars

Service Description

If you have severe acne, try the Intensive Acne Care Facial before trying the Acne Care + Biotoc Brightening Facial Makeup Removal + Sebum Softening Steam Mint Mask + Deep Pore Cleansing + Aloe Vera Gel Exfoliation + Extractions By Hand + Foam Cleansing + Organic Cucumber & Chamomile Soothing Toner + LED Therapy + Biotoc Brightening & Wrinkle Smoothing Therapy + High Frequency (HF) Therapy + Hydrating Anti-acne Soothing Serum + Vitamin C Serum + Soothing Cooling Gel + Cryo Collagen Therapy + Anti-acne & Soothing Sheet Mask Acne Facial + Biotoc™ Brightening & Wrinkle Smoothing Therapy Facial Clear Acne, Control Oil, Shrink Pores, Brighten Acne Scars and Dark Spots, Smooth Skin Texture and Fine Lines, Lift and Restore Elasticity First, Deep Pore Cleansing and acne extractions treat the most outer layer by professionally cleaning your pores of whiteheads, blackheads, acne, and trapped sebum, which causes dullness. Professional Extractions by Hand Jin does not rely on a Hydrafacial machine or any suction machines for extractions and her specialty is intensive and thorough extractions. As an expert in treating severe acne, she takes her time inspecting each pore to purge out all trapped oil and sebum. Even if you cleanse your face twice a day, it does not remove all of the sebum trapped deep within the pores. The Deep Pore Cleanse and acne extractions professionally purify the skin for smaller and smoother looking pores, clears mild breakouts, brightens skin tone, and leaves your skin hydrated. Next, Biotoc™ nourishes your clean skin with deeply absorbable active ingredients to help fade hyperpigmentation while smoothing wrinkles. Biotoc™ is clinically-proven to help stimulate collagen growth and the skin’s natural healing process to brighten acne scars and dark spots, restore radiance to dull, blotchy skin tones, plump fine lines and stubborn wrinkles, and tighten sagging skin. During your first few visits the extractions may be painful due to the amount of sebum that was built up deep within your pores over time. Although your skin may appear red initially after the extractions, after half a day redness is relieved, acne is cleared, pores are smaller and skin looks lifted and radiant while feeling softer and smoother.

Cancellation Policy

Jin accepts cash, credit cards, amex, Venmo, and Apple pay. If you need to cancel your appointment, a 24 hour notice via text is required. Jin has the right to refuse service to those who have canceled multiple appointments.

Contact Details

  • 3000 West 6th Street suite 202a, Los Angeles, CA, USA

    (213) 570-4002

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